"Melanie's feedback on my video submissions was freaking awesome! I was able to make significant improvements in my timing and mechanics and Moon picked up on the improved clarity right away!" -Marilyn

"The handling foundation class is fabulous. Videos break things down and are easy to follow. Melanie’s feedback is rapid and very helpful. She can also add or subtract complexity as needed for your team. It’s valuable regardless of where you are in training. I used the class to add understanding with some foundation gaps. I’m excited for part 2!" - Ginger

"Agility handling foundation part one was quite beneficial for me and my 19 month old Border Collie. Focus on motivation, strong verbals and great relationship between dog and handler were the primary takeaways I found with the online class. Melanie was responsive to the videos and questions sent for feedback. I definitely received a lot of instruction in a supportive and timely manner throughout the class length." -Sue

"This was the best thing ever! Having a plan, accountability (I.e., must produce evidence of practice!), near instant feedback—
SO motivating, exciting, helpful, and encouraging. Definitely looking forward to the 4 week extension, and hoping for a Foundations 2.0!!!" -Rhea