Melanie has been involved in dog agility since 1998, and has developed her own style of handling, melding concepts from great handlers around the world. Her handling is always aimed at giving the dog the earliest possible information, while keeping the handler ahead to show clear, effective cues. She also recognizes that each dog and handler team is unique, and works to find the best possible solution for that team. She believes that each team’s potential is unlimited and she works to give a clear plan for the next most critical steps to help that team reach their full potential.


About Melanie

Melanie's career accomplishments include:

2020 European Open USA Large Team Member Alternate (Integrity)

2019 WAO 500 Team Member (Integrity)

2019 IFCS 500 Team Member (Integrity)

2018 Masters Challenge Agility Cup - GOLD Biathlon, SILVER Sweepstakes, BRONZE Individual Jumpers

2018 European Open USA Large Team Member (Integrity)

2018 IFCS 500 Team Member Alternate (Integrity)

2017 European Open USA Large Team Member (Integrity)

2017 IFCS 500 Team Member (Integrity) - 7th Individual All Around, 3rd Agility Triathlon

2016 European Open USA Large Team Member (Integrity)

2016 IFCS 650 USA Team Member (Integrity)

2014 IFCS CCOA 16” All-Around Individual GOLD, Gamblers GOLD, Individual Jumping GOLD, Biathlon SILVER (Smitten)

2014 IFCS CCOA 26” Snooker GOLD, Gamblers SILVER (Integrity)

2014 US Open 3rd Biathlon Jumping, 4th Overall Speedstakes (Integrity)

2014 World Agility Open 650 USA Team Member (Integrity)

2011 European Open USA Medium Team Member (Smitten)

2010 AKC Invitational 3rd in Finals (Austin)

2009 European Open USA Medium Team Member and Finalist (Smitten)

22x National Finalist (Smitten, Austin, Integrity and Heart)

14x Regional Champion (Smitten and Integrity)

3x USDAA LAA-Silver (Regan, Austin, and Smitten)

20 Championship Titles (Regan, Austin, Smitten, and Integrity)

Melanie has a unique approach to her instruction, combining several key concepts:

  • High motivation for all dogs to maximize drive and potential
  • High reinforcement for all handlers to keep the game fun
  • Focus on delivering information as early as possible to the dog through timely handling and skill proficiency
  • A holistic view of all the components required, including a solid mental game, fitness of handler and dog, and keeping all elements in balance.